The slek are a more recent addition to Myos. Over one hundred years ago the sky was slashed open, revealing an infinite dark of smoke and stars. The creatures now known as slek had arrived, and with them they brought war. Every day for months slek would climb out of the darkness, armed with twisted blades, and bathed in lightning. As they arrived they would battle one another,the victor of one day waiting for the new arrivals on the next. The darkness grew and soon all daylight was gone. Thousands came through the smoke in those months that the rift was open, but only hundreds lived to see the sun and sky return. Slaughtered by their own at first, then hunted and exiled by the Empire. These harsh beginnings have hardened a race of people that already seem born for battle. The slek are a tall slender species with large solid black eyes, stark white skin, no discernible nose, and almost circlular mouths that open wide to reveal multiple rows of teeth. A slender tail keeps them balanced as their stance is often hunched over and bent forward. Their legs and primary arms are almost the same length making it seem as if they could run on all four limbs like a beast, but this has never been seen. Their secondary pair of arms are only long enough to reach one another, often being held so that their secondary hands have their fingers locked. As time has marched on some slek have found their way back into the common world. The slek that live among the other races try to blend in as much as possible. Some will cover their entire bodies, but most will at least wrap their secondary arms close to their bodies, and cover their mouth when they speak. Despite their well known courteous behaviors they are often the scapegoat for problems that hit communities, whether it is disease, a missing person, or common thievery a slek always makes a good target.