"Our empire stretches over vast fields, up steep mountains, and into treacherous marshes. Our capital city, Ocresia, has become the crowning achievement of all the living people of the world. We pave the roads for trade, we provide fresh water to all citizens and give our people a voice through elected representatives, we have tamed both wild lands and heathen peoples. We are the civilized men who stand alone in a world of chaos and suffering. All that the empire does, is for you, the imperial people, all the races of the world united in glory. The armies bring safety to the people, venturing into the wilds to turn foes into allies. Our strong, ever expanding walls, embrace the mountain people of the east, the arcole of the fertile lands, and even slek refugees that flee to the Withering Isles. We bless them all with the gifts of fire and pull them from their dark pasts into bright futures. Change is hard for some, but once their eyes have been opened, they plainly see the road of fire leads to a better life.Edit

{C}This has been our tradition since the founding of our great empire. Two Hundred years ago the Dread Wolves of the Ringed City demanded tribute and we paid none, and pushed them back into their city. One hundred years ago we battled the Shield Wood barbarians and reclaimed the vast woods they hid within. Sixty years ago we fought the Dukarim as they poured from the darkness, right into the heart of our Empire. Only twenty years have passed since we have tamed the Bile Mountains. With each victory we gained new allies, The Ringed City no longer collects from us, the wood folk have become imperial citizens, the Dukarim found a new home and with Bile Mountain Pass cleared of bandits, they have begun trading with us. All of these treaties were signed with the blood of the Imperial Army, yet the Senate locks me out of their session, while they consult with Quintas spies about who truly owns the Shattered Lands.

As Emperor, I must stand against the Senate when their errors could foolishly cost the lives of many. My people, it grieves me to command this, but I will not allow our beautiful Ocresia to fall into the hands of corrupt men. We must fight and take back our own senate from these Kajarii wizards. Any senator who sides with these Kajarii will be declared traitors and executed. Today the free citizens of the Thermocrat Empire protect the future of everything we hold dearly, now go forth and fight for the empire!"

- Lucus va Valleolus

Speech given before the Ocresian Civil War