Quintas has grown to cover most of the northern continent of Myos. Although it is a large nation it primarily consists of four groups of people all of which are primarly myosian.


The legions of undead that make up the Kajarii military and leadership has spread to all corners of the Wastes. They lead alchemical factories that process the blood of gods and refine magical components, they police the barren desert and crowded cities, and will even travel across the world to answer the call of a superior or to make good on a freelance job.

Quin NomadsEdit

The Quin have traveled the wastes for generations, but now their knowledge of the cursed dunes is of extreme value. They move herds of horses, camels, and cattle from oasis to oasis, stopping at each town or village to trade along the way. They often bring with them snake charmers, acrobats, fortune tellers, and prostitutes, turning their arrival into a significant event for any small settlement.


The Unblossomed are true believers in the Creed of Eternity and by trade travel far less than the nomades. They inhabit most of the major cities and farm the shores of the Soul River. They wish to serve the Immortals while alive so they may be given a higher rank as an Immortal. They are the architects of the great Kajarii cities, designing the deep ravines that reach to underwater rivers and release cool air. They also create most of the art and hand carved scripture along city walls.

The Beh’ansEdit

These people control the massive salt flats far to the east of the Quintas Wastes. Most of the clans make use of slaves and most slaves have been rised that they are less than the Beh’ans. Their high regard for pale, cream skinned slaves is known to every merchant that trades in the Wastes and although people of fair complexion are rare a few always find their way into nobleman hands. The extreme wealth of their cities is obvious from their gold domed homes, flat limestone streets that are lantern lit by night, and the immense sculptures that act as centerpieces to all cities.