The myosi vary in appearance, in the cooler southern, mostly barbaric lands fair skin, light hair, and broad shoulders are the common. Around Ocresia the olive skin, thinner frames, darker hair and brown eyes are the look of most Imperials. Then across the Wastes are the nomads, chiseled bodies, sun kissed dark skin, and brilliant green eyes are their normal look. The myosi are a long lived people, full of inventiveness, life, beauty, and their willpower and ambition far outweigh their size. Their smaller appearance when compared to the other intelligent races can be misleading when determining danger. The myosi are fast, cunning, and use everything around them to create advantages for themselves. During the time of the scorched sky the Myosi survived by working together. They have toiled long to improve their standard of life, crafting complicated machines and creating beautiful art. Their cities have become living examples of their finest works, whether it's the aqueducts and fountains of Ocresia or the painted canvas cities of the Quintas Nomads. Their creativity given their limited resources is unmatched and as more great minds come together in colleges and under powerful governments their achievements know no heights.