Leveling is the process by which your units grow in power as the game is played.


Experience points represent a unit's skill at combat. The more combat they get into, the more experience they gain, and the more levels they will acheive, and then most of your enemies will be dead.

Experience is gain in four different ways


When a unit is murdered it grants experience to all nearby enemy units. The amount of experience the unit leaves depends on its unit type or level.


Grunts leave experience equal to double their base recruitment time when killed.


Adepts leave behind experience equal to their level multiplied by 50.


Slayers leave grant experience equal to their level multiplied by 100.

On AttackEdit

The attacking unit receives XP equal to about 10% of the damage they deal out.

On Damage ReceivedEdit

The defending unit receives 5 XP every time they are hit by an attack.

On Support GivenEdit

The supporting unit receives 5 XP every time they grant a supportive status effect or a heal to an allied unit.

Level UpEdit

All units, from the weakest little Grunt to the strongest Slayer, gain bonuses to stats when certain thresholds of experience points are met. This is called leveling up. When a unit levels up they get increases to up to six different stats. The amount the stats changed is based on the unit's type and class.

  • Normal Damage
  • Elemental Damage
  • Hit Points
  • HP Regeneration
  • Attack Rate
  • Armor

Slayers also get to use an Ability Point when leveling up. This point is used to increase the power of their Special Attacks, select a new Special Attack, or to double their stat increase. At level 10 a Slayer selects between two ultimate powers.