Ruling over all of Quintas the devourers of the Old Gods walk the sands as immortal beings of death and sorcery. The Kajarii have made a strong name for themselves in a very short time. They rule from the Wastes with an iron fist and influence many with their powerful magic, but trade has prospered, feed is widely available, and the populations have grown under their rule. The roads through the Wastes are safer than ever and the diamond city, Abudal, has returned to shelter weary travelers. The Kajarii have even sent educated scholars to travel amongst the caravans and nomads to teach writing and math to their people. Yet just as the oasis is but a small part of a barren desert, so are these improvements to life in the Wastes. The Immortals have now reached ages far beyond what is mortal, and the original fear of them has turned into worship among most of the people. Any who would cause trouble are taken from their homes by the Collectors, dragged under the dunes and transformed into loyal undead soldiers by the Immortals. Undead beasts can be hired by those with the coin and used in almost any way they wish, filling the cities with the smell of death. The army of the Kajarii seems endless as broken soldiers are returned home and mended back to fighting shape. All of which make the blessings of the oasis seem bitter, but none will refuse them.