Myos was once a desolate wasteland covered in eternal night. The people would crowd around flames barely bright enough to light the eyes of monsters that hid' in the shadows all around them. As time marches on those days of shadow and harsh survival grow into fables. The scorched sky began to dissolve into the blue almost three thousand years ago, and now we take the light for granted.

Despite the blue blessing above, the curses that the scorched sky birthed still exist. Acidic rains drip from black clouds destroying crops and ruining drinking water. The ocean’s waves devour all but the hardiest of materials, eating away at wooden vessels and sometimes scarring unprotected skin. The shattered moons that stretch across the sky can bring the fiery wrath of the heavens unto the earth, scorching homes and destroying land. There are the miles of corrupted lands, barren and cursed, they often leave travelers who try to cross them sick or dead. These are troubles that are seen often yet, plenty more cruel hazards and vicious beasts lay in the unexplored wilds and the water’s depths yet to be discovered.

Despite the hardships or perhaps because of it, the scattered people have begun to unite and advance. The greatest minds in history have began using their genius to improve the lives of many. Books and those willing to teach help spread knowledge across the continents. The fires of industry have begun fueling the rapid advancement of technology. As the smoke rises and steam pumps pistons in the fertile lands, the sound of black powders being ignited echoes off the dunes to the north, all while whispers of ancient plagues and mutant slek wake on the islands to the east. Such rapid changes will not come without great sacrifices. All of Myos’ creatures will soon learn that survival depends on more than just the blue blessing. The corrupted world has hardened them for the life ahead and as the tensions of the major factions rise to a boiling point, life will only grow harder.