Black EnclaveEdit

The Black Enclave are known for their costly potions and vile spells. They are masters of alchemy that manipulate the thoughts and memories of others and practice rituals that are said to transport people far distances in an instance.

Burnt MenEdit

The Burnt Men are a large group of raiders and pirates that hate the Empire. They carry out brutal attacks on small towns along the Imperial borders. They have recently acquired several massive tar-covered ships, but none know where these ships dock.

The CircleEdit

The Circle is the most dedicated and expensive group of mercenaries in all of Myos. They are warriors of all types and races who have adopted their own form of the Dukarim views of life as a cycle. The Circle’s own cycle has far fewer times of peace and when their time for war arrives, they are either hired or seek out their own battles.

Kin of InkEdit

Known as monks, inkers, scribes, authors, and even adventurers, the Kin of Ink, control almost all paper illustrations. Everything released or written used to be created only by hand, but the Kin of Ink have divined a way to create literature and images in massive quantities.

Iron PiratesEdit

Considered to be sailor fairy tale by most, the Iron Pirates are a group of grotesque arcoles who sail the seas in ships made of metal. They attack by ramming and splintering wooden ships into nothing. If the ship is still floating after the ramming, the monsters board to pillage and take any survivors.

The Jeweled GypsiesEdit

Some wonder if the Gypsies are still a group or if the jeweled necklaces that marked them are now in the hands of imposters, this is just how the Gypsies like it. They are renowned information traders who will only divulge a secret for one in return, along with the majority of your gold, but you can be sure that what they speak is the truth.

Order of the Dark FlameEdit

In the Dark Flame each agent works alone, so most members do not even know of each other. Their purpose is to seek out political corruption in the Thermocrat Empire and dispose of it very publicly. After the execution the Dark Flame agent must turn himself over to the Emperor, if the assassination is found to be just, they are forever released from duty, if it is not, they are sentenced to death.

Lost JackalsEdit

The Lost Jackals are an openly advertised assassination guild. Many attempts have been made to shut down the organization, but they always seem to rise from the ashes. Many believe the group is ran by Immortals who have abandoned the Kajarii.