The core gameplay mechanics of Cairn were born in the fires of RTS , shaped by the hammers of MOBA , and cooled by the waters of Tower Defense . Each player begins the game with a unit called a Slayer, this slayer


Units are the soldiers and monsters within the game. Some are friendly, most are hostile, and a few are controllable. Units must be used to wage war against gigantic mechanical monsters, massive armies, and the occasional steam gear.

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Landmarks are buildings or locations across the map that the player can capture, improve, or destroy. They are usually marked as important by a nearby cairn of stacked stones. Landmarks include Strongholds, Taverns, Glyphs, and Creep Cairns.

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Glory & InfamyEdit

Glory and Infamy are the two types of resources used for research and unit purchasing in Cairn. Both resources are obtained automatically over time and bonus resources are collected by completing noble acts to gain Glory and brutal acts to gain Infamy.

Glory & Infamy Details






The best way to gain Victory is to destroy the enemy Stronghold. Some campaign missions will have alternate goals that must be completed before Victory is acheived. On acheiving victory you will be rewarded various medals depending on the

Tower & SwordEdit

This medal is awarded if all of the prime landmarks are controlled by the player at the end of the level.

Grass CrownEdit

Awarded if the player only uses Glory resources. If the player purchases an adept or upgrade that requires Infamy they will not receive this medal for the level.

Red Moon CrestEdit

Awarded if the player only uses Infamy resources. If the player purchases an adept or upgrade that requires Glory they will not receive the medal for the level.