Potions, bombs, grenades, blades, and swords

Weapons are diverse in the world of Myos.  Some are simple forged weapons meant to stab or smash down an enemy and others are created through divine understanding, technological advancement, or powerful magic and hold awe inspiring power.

Forged WeaponsEdit

Swords, Hammers, Axes, glass blades, aether swords, steam gauntlets, 

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Bows, Thrown daggers, cross-bows, wands, boom sticks, and 

Alchemical GrenadesEdit

Glass vials of ever boiling poisons, unholy skulls filled with flesh eating maggots, and Molotov grenades filled with sticky fire are all types of Grenades found on the battle field.  Each faction seems to specialize in their own type of horrific explosion.


Dark Scorcher flame thrower and blight witch injector.

Thaumaturge GearEdit

The apex of weaponary.  At it's heart it is an armored shell equiped with the most advanced artillery known to it's creator.   Some act as enormous leaders on the battlefield, others as machines of pure carnage, but all are ready for war.  They are usually controlled by a human, but a few have found ways to control small gears remotely or to just unleash them to massacre their enemies.