The arcole are tall, proud, broad, and intimidating people. Standing chest and shoulders above even the tallest myosian and as wide and strong as a bull. They have rough, calloused skin that ranges from a dark gray to a deep blue hue. When compared to most myosian standards of beauty the arcole fall very short. The twisting curled horns that adorn their head draw attention away from their flat faces and jutting tusks. The arcole often bind their horns forcing them to grow in specific patterns and shapes. Males strive for elaborate long reaching twisting horns with multiple points, while the females keep them close, often spiraling within itself. The arcole are the only race to possess body hair with course long hair hanging from the male's forearms, shins, stomachs, feet, and hands. The arcole prefer to work with their hands and at times struggle to relate to the more inventive and social species of Myos. They often live in small family groups, living off the land and selling what they don't need to caravans that pass by. Once of age the males of these family groups venture off to find their own life, most never return to their original homes. Yet these arcole traditions are growing old, and as civilization encroaches on their settlements, many are forced to change. The arcole are quick to learn and are many are taking quite well to the more comfortable myosian lifestyle.